Threads of Hope

My life seems to be filled with fundraisers these days, but this one is truly special.

It all started in the beach town of Puerto Galera, Philippines, a place popular with tourists.  Here, like many other beaches in southeast Asia locals wander the beach, continually trying to sell their wares.  As you can imagine, this isn't a particularly lucrative business.  The families, feeling like they had nowhere else to turn to make money chose to sell their children into prostitution.  However there was a family who chose to persevere and instead of going down that dark path they decided to make bracelets to sell.  This is where a man named Alex Kuhlow comes into the picture.  On a visit to Puerto Galera he was invited to a home of this family.  He could see that they were living in desperate conditions and deeply wanted to help but he knew they wouldn't take it without giving something in return.  So he told them he wanted $100 worth of bracelets and he would pick them up the next time he visited.  When he came back they presented him with 1300 bracelets!  Surprised he asked them how many they could make in an hour to which they replied "four."  After making some quick calculations he discovered they were selling the bracelets for a mere 8 cents a piece.  After the cost of materials that equalled out to 20cents/hour!  He had no idea what he would do with the bracelets but he took them with him back to America, and at a summer camp decided to see if they would sell, and sell they did!  At $1 a piece they were quickly gone.  At this point he realized the potential these bracelets had to change the desperate conditions in Puerto Galera.  So far proceeds from the bracelet sales have gone to help several families and even send a girl to school.  The hope that these bracelets bring to these families is what led them to be called Threads of Hope.  You can check out their website here.

So why am I selling them?  I committed to the World Race knowing that this was so much bigger than me.  I have committed to spend 11 months helping others around the world but there's no reason that can't start now.
    So this fundraiser is amazing because it goes to help two great causesHalf the proceeds will go to the families in Puerto Galera and then other half will go towards my World Race.

So will you partner with me, to help these families in the Philippines and to help others around the world?


Small Bracelets: $1 each
Flat bracelets/Flat Bracelet with bead: $3 each


I currently have about 500 small bracelets and 300 flat bracelets.  The variety is enormous and I have almost every color/color combination under the rainbow.  So take a look at the pictures below (not all the bracelets I have are pictured) if you see one you like let me know OR you could email me(see form below pictures) the colors you like and I will email you a picture of a selection of bracelets to choose from.  Even better if you live near me (Seattle area) we can meet up in person and you'll have endless choices.

How will I sell them all?
Obviously I have A LOT of bracelets and I NEED HELP!  If you have access to a youth group or just know people that would like these bracelets or to support some great causes let me know and we can work something out.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at SOME of the bracelets
(you can click on a picture to make it bigger)

See one you like?  Want one (or lots!) in a different color?

Email me!
My email address is : OR you could find me on facebook at Amanda Dorough

In the message please include:

Your name:
Email Address (if sending me a message on facebook so I can email you a picture):
Color/Colors you like:
Size of bracelet (flat, small, or if you want both):
How many:


So how do you pay for the bracelets? One of two ways.
1.  If you live close pay me in person!  I love to talk :)
2.  Send it in the mail either by cash or a check payable to me, Amanda Dorough (once I cash it I will add it to the proceeds to be split).  I don't want to advertise my address so when you message me your order I'll message you back my address.

Your support really means a lot to me, and it will mean a lot to countless others in the world who will be touched through my  ministry with the World Race as well as the families in Puerto Galera.

Thank You!