Saturday, December 16, 2006

An inaugural blog

Ok so my title didn't come out quite as I expected but when I get to the store to print off my photos (instead of using my printer) I'll redo it. Wow, nothing like a post SAS blog. I'm kind of sad that I can't write about amazing countries all the time anymore, but it's time to be off to new adventures.
We had a huge windstorm 2 nights ago and just got power back a couple hours ago. That's the longest we've been without power since we've lived in this house. It was crazy. Trees fell down everywhere. I was convinved one of our many trees was going to fall but they didn't. So many places are still without power and trees still block a lot of roads.
Emily thought she was going into labor last night too. We wanted her to so we could spend the night in a nice warm lighted hospital. She didn't though. Seriously sitting in the house with no power with a bunch of party poopers (no one wanted to play games or anything) isn't fun. I did an entire scrapbook layout by candlelight. I was worried how it would turn out since the lighting makes it look different. It's not bad although I think it could have been better.
Tonight I'm off to the church to take part in the drive through nativity. I was supposed to do it last night too, but obviously it was cancelled since there was no power. I just hope it warms up a little bit because it is seriously cold outside and I don't have gloves. They're all in storage back in Lynchburg. Yay for planning ahead. A report later on how it all went.

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