Friday, February 2, 2007

So happy it's friday...

So the big snow the predicted yesterday was a joke. That's why I never believe weather people. It was to warm to really stick. Now it's warmed up a little today, but it's suppoed to get freezing again tommarow. Just what I always wanted.
I have a delima for tonight. My friends are throwing a groundhog day party tonight and I really want to go, but there's also a hocky game tonight that I really want to go to. Deciosons, decisions. Speaking of friends I went to an awesome bible study last night. They call it the BSG or Big Small Group because it started out small then just kept on growing.
My friend Ann gomes up from Raleigh this weekend. I'm so excited, I haven't seen her since finals week last may. Hopefully I'll get to take a lot of pictures :)

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