Monday, April 16, 2007

So much to take in

I went to Jamestown this past weekend. I had made it my goal to go there before I graduated (since I'm so close to it) and I finally got there a whole month before graduation :). It wasn't what I expected it to be like at all. First we visited a reconstruction of what the fort and Indian villages would have looked like that they built about a mile or so from the actual Jamestown site. Jamestown itself was actually located on a swampy island which looks absolutely nothing like it did in the Disney movie, not that Disney movies should ever be considered an accurate historical representation. As far as weather goes we were really lucky. Back in Lynchburg it poured all day, and it rained a bit for us too, but as soon as we reached Jamestown it quit and it actually got sunny at one point in the day.

Yesterday we had the wonderful east coast hammering Nor'easter come through town. Wind and so much rain. It's still really windy out now but it was sunny all day today.

Since I was locked up indoors all day yesterday my creative juices really got flowing as I watched back episodes of "Jericho" (which has become incredibly addicting). I have a lot of sketches of things I want to make when I get home. I hate not being able to do anything while I'm here, but only one more month and I will have access to all my supplies again.

In a much sadder note, as you've probably seen or heard the largest school shooting in US history happened at Virginia Tech this morning. VT is only about an hour and a half from Liberty so it hits really close to home. A lot of the students were frantically trying to call friends they have at Virginia Tech today to see if they're OK. I thankfully don't know anyone at Virginia Tech but my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims and their families. Events like these are always such sad things.

I hope you all have a great week and live your lives to the fullest because as we found out today, you never know when it might end.

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