Monday, July 16, 2007

Lots and Lots....

So I had an amazing weekend and have a lot of pictures to cover it. Friday I went downtown with Marybeth. We took the monorail into Westlake from the Seattle center then walked all over the place. To Pike place, to the waterfront, to American Eagle :). Actually our main objective was to find as many of the "pigs on parade" as we could and I think we were quite successful except we went to look for the one in the top hat and it wasn't where it used to be. That was a sad moment. After our grand adventures downtown we stopped at Uwajimayas to stock up on the cities finest Asian food (to me that means pocky and steamed cream cheese cakes. I was tempted to buy some Lychees, but at 2.99 a lb it was a little to expensive to me). I ended up buying a lucky cat statue too, just because it was cute.
Saturday me, mom and Elaina went to the DesMoines farmers market. It was quite small, not that I expected anything big in DesMoines but I did get some gorgeous flowers to put on our dining room table. Then we strolled over to a car and boat show on the other side of the marina. I was so jazzed to take pictures of all the old cars and then my battery died. I almost cried. So henceforth, that it why there are no pictures of old cars in this blog. Then later that night we went to see me cousin Chris and his wife and their new baby Samantha (she was born July 11). She was so adorable. I think she is much smaller than Elaina ever was.
Yesterday was my 22 birthday :) It was a pretty good day, nice and sunny, it was just a little weird having to go to church and everything. Then the rest of the day was spent cleaning and cooking and so on because my parents decided to have my family bday party along with my two aunts birthdays (one of whom didn't even show up so we had 3 cakes and only 2 birthdays)on that day (it made sense since we're leaving for Canada on Saturday). At least we got to have gnocchi for dinner. That's all I had wanted. I decorated my cake too. I had a big vision for it but the icing just didn't cooperate. And then it took me 4 blows to get my candles out. I couldn't believe it! What will I do when I'm 60 if I cant get out 22 candles?
So overall it was a really good weekend topped off by getting to see Harry Potter this morning, which was amazing, the best one yet. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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