Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What do a troll, fish and chips and a 5th grader have in common?

Although the weather remains less than summerlike around here thanks to cloudy skies and the occasional rain shower, I've actually really enjoyed myself the last few days. First of all, some exciteing news, I GOT A JOB! I was looking through craigslist.com the other day, found a job, emailed them, had the interview today and then filled out the paperwork. I will now be one of the newest photographers with Magic Photography. It's only school, spots and dance pictures, but everyone has to start somewhere. I'm just happy I get to work with a camera. I start work on monday and then have on the job training for two weeks and then I'll be the real deal. I'm so excited! this also means I can buy my computer now. I can't wait to finally be able to edit my photos again.

Yesterday was a bit of adventure, kinda and SAS mini reunion. Erin flew down from Alaska to take a test for a job she applied for so Jess, Chelsea and me drove up to meet her. The original plan was to go to Pikes Place market but slowly that changed and we ended up doing a neverending parade of things. First was a brief stop at the Freemont Troll, like any good "tourist" to take pictures. After a few minutes we decided to leave when the troll got attacked by several picture hungry kids. then we drove down the street to Gasworks park and played around for a bit before climbing kite hill. After endless minutes trying to decipher the crazy sundail on the top of the hill we decided to walk back down. At this time we saw the cutest golden lab running with a bright orange road cone in his mouth. Of course I had to take her picture. Next Erin had to eat dinner with her cousin in Ballard so we dropped her off and then went down to the ballard locks. We got there just in time to see some boats go through. Jess had never been there before so she thought it was kinda cool to see. What I thought was cool were the massive salmon that were jumping. I tried to capture it on film but it just didn't work :) We comforted ourseves by taking pictures with flowers instead. Then we went to Golden Gardens Park to get fish and ships and a milkshake. We watched the first real sun of the day poke out and gleaming across puget sound it gave off the prettiest light. And it was an especially good photo opp with the light and the dozen sailboats coming into the marina.
After we picked Erin up we drove to CAry Park to see the Seattle skyline illuminated. It looked so amazing, and I wanted a picture of it so bad, but they just didn't turn out. We walked down to the playground below the view point and spent a great amount of time trying to figure out the modern playground. Beats me how kids enjoy it. We couldn't figure it out. Except there were these cool little pods you could sit in that would spin you round and round. I got SOOOOOO dizzy.
After much discussion we decided to go bowling at ACME bowl, which I must say is the CLEANEST bowling ally I've ever been too. It's only about a year old and since washington as laws were you can't even smoke within 20 feet of a building it doesn't have even a hint of that typical bowling ally smell or bowling ally haze (much, mcuh different than the bowling ally in Lynchburg). Of course I lost. I think I did the worst I've ever done last night. A 69. Who bowls a 69??? Maybe 4 year olds and grandmas. It was bad. When the bowling ally closed it was 11. The only thing that's open in that area at 11 is bars and Denny's. so Denny's it was. Terrible, Terrible service. They screwed up my drink too, so I eneded up getting it for free. And then the night was over. They all went to (or at least were supposed to go to) Pike Place Market this morning. I was kinda mad that I had the interview so I couldn't. But at least I got the job so that made it worth it.
Tommorow the VBS starts at my church. I'm going to be in charge of the 5th and 6th graders. Something I am completely familiar with. I hope it's fun...

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