Sunday, June 29, 2008

A foreign concept

I know, I've been MIA for a little while, but we've been having issues with the internet and this blog required pictures.
To start off let me just throw out that my isight camera on my macbook pro somehow got uninstalled so if someone knows how to remedy this situation in a way short of wiping out my hard drive and reinstalling leopard, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.
So I've been dieing to talk about this for days now, thursday here was Wai Kru. Wai Kru literally translates as bow (waiing is like kow towing) teacher, or bow to your teacher. There is this whole ceremony for Wai Kru and since we have so may students it was broken up into groups. The three kindergartens went, then grade school, then 7th though 12th. For each class 6 students were chosen to come up on stage and bow at their teachers feet (along with Ajan Sarang and Michelle) and present them with flower arrangements. I must say it is more than just a little awkward t have students literally bowing at your feet. Students in America would never do that. Then after all the grades went and the teachers were on stage every other students was allowed to come up, bow (bit not all the way down) and present their teacher with flowers more flowers. Since I am the only grade 2 teacher I got a lot of flowers. Literally they were falling off my lap. I didn't get any pictures of myself during the ceremony (really how could I) but I think someone else took some I just need to get the pictures from them.... I really want them :)

I also got some great pictures of my class afterwards. Probably one of my favorite pictures ever is the one of them in the silly face picture.

It's been another busy weekend. WE took a quick trip to Chatuchack weekend market yesterday then we went to the Orphanage again, and today we lounged by the pool in Nichida all day after church and I bought a ridiculously overpriced bag of Pepperidge farm chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies at villa for about $4 US, but you don't know, chocolate chip cookies practically don't exist here..... We'll I'm off to do lesson plans. Since I'm 11-14 hours ahead of everyone I hope everyones still having a great weekend!

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