Monday, July 28, 2008

A Batman and some Pots

Life here in Thailand never gets less crazy. When I was at home the last year I found myself getting pretty bored a lot and having a lot of extra time. Here life is never boring and I hardly have time to do what I need to do. Finally I have a few minutes to sit down and blog....

First of all I saw the new Batman movie twice this last week, once on IMAX. It was AMAZING to say the least. Heath Ledger did a fantastic, Oscar worthy job, but I must say for a movie about Batman, the scenes with Batman were surprisingly few. If you haven't seen it you must, it's great.

One saturday a few of us Photography enthusiasts woke up early for a little photo outing. We hired a longtail boat and it took us up the river to a place called Pottery Island. It was a great place, I would love to go back to it again. There was a market and a temple, and just real Thai life minus the tourists (the arrived later). I came out with some pretty good pictures. Later that afternoon we went to Chatuchak weekend market and took some more pictures as well as shopped. I love Chatuchak, or JJ's as we refer to it. I could go there every weekend and find something new and amazing to buy every time.
Yesterday was a nice chill day. We went out to Mexican after church and then swam in the pool in Nichida. I love days like that where you just don't have to worry. Then I came home and watched some more of an EGYPT dramamentry I've been watching that was put out by the BBC. It's good because it's a documentary, but it plays like a movie with acting and everything. If you can you should definitely check it out.
I'm still working on my room here a bit, pics will be posted soon hopefully. I finished painting about 2 weeks ago. The smell is finally gone. It turned out a little darker than I had wanted but I still like it. Now I'm just adding decorative touches. I still need to find more picture frames. They're surprisingly hard to find here in Thailand.

Here are some links to Photo alubms with more of my pics in them. Let me know if they're working for you guys.

Phuket Pictures
Phang Nga Bay Pictures
Pottery Island and JJ's pictures

Now here are some pics from last weekend

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