Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Quite Paradise...

So, I had heard from all the returning teachers that Hua Hin was really a first step beach. It makes you appreciate all the other beaches so much more after you've been to it. Well.... Hua Hin was not quite paradise although we still had a really good time. There was about 10 of us in our group and we all left last friday at different times. ME and some others caught a government bus down to the Beach. The three hour bus ride wasn't to bad, uneventful. We got in to Hua Hin at around 10pm and then checked into our hotel, then a few of us walked down to the beach because we just couldn't wait any longer. At night the beach still looked like it could be the tropical paradise I pictured.
Well the next day was completely devoted to the beach. We walked a little ways and found a place where we all rented lounge chairs with umbrellas. The beach it's self was beautiful. Soft sand and swaying palm trees. Oh and let me tell you millions of tiny crabs. It was not helping my crab phobia at all. And it didn't help that the water wasn't clear at all. Since it's pretty close to bangkok and it's the rainy season the water was pretty brown and cloudy, and as we all sat chilling in the water everyone was picking up all manners of sea creatures from hermit crabs to tiny starfish. I HATE unseen sea creature. It really does scare me. So anyway, most of our day was spent at the beach, then that night we went out for Italian and the went to the night market where I got some awesome pillowcases for my bedroom (which I'm in the process of redoing, more on that later), and a total impulse buy throwing thingy. It's pretty though :)
On Sunday a couple from the church we go to was trowing a BBQ for all of us GES teachers and we really wanted to get back, so instead of taking the bus back to Bangkok we all pooled together and hired a van instead. It was about 100 baht more than the bus but the upside is it took us straight to the house we needed to go to instead of stopping at the bus station then having to hire a taxi to go the rest of the way and wasting time. Oh and boy was the BBQ worth it. American food all the way. Hamburgers and hotdogs and the best part of all, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies!!!! Oh I can't tell you how bad I have wanted a chocolate chip cookie. The only ones I've seen here were $6 a bag!!!! And lets just say, Thais have some weird and not so tasty snack food, like saltine crackers and wafer cookies put together????? And saltines "cookies" with chocolate and chives, so nasty!

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