Sunday, September 7, 2008

And suddenly, everything is illuminated

I have always loved storms, especially thunderstorms. When I visit my uncles farm in Canada I sit outside and watch the distant lightening and listen to the painful groans of thunder as the sky is sliced open. This phenomenon which is so fantastic and so incredible is mesmerizing to me.
Living now in Thailand I am privileged to have daily thunderstorms. As I write this note I can hear the grumbling of tonight's storm and see the periodic flashes of light bouncing off of my walls. Sometimes I just sit on my balcony and watch as the storm rolls by. Many times the lighting is hidden in a veil of clouds looming high above but on the rare occasion I am able to see true forks of lightening and it is so beautiful. No fear strikes me as I watch these storms. I used to drive my mother mad because I would want to stand outside and watch them, but I couldn't help myself. I guess you could say they are like God's natural fireworks show, and I always wanted more.
Soon monsoon season will be over and I'm sure these storm will occur less frequently, but for now I am going to enjoy the
bit of beauty and excitement it gives in the eye of the storm.

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