Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holy Cow!

I leave for Nepal in 3 days, well really a little less now. Where did time go??? This came so fast! I think more and more everyday if we can pull this off without being completely miserable, we're definitely rock stars. We've definitely had to get very creative with what we're bringing. It's weird coming from an area of the world, especially Seattle, where all this mountain climbing and winter stuff is so readily available to an area where you can find anything you need unless you're willing to pay a hefty price. If only I could have somehow known before I came here that I would be hiking in the Himalayas. So, with the absence of Long Johns we've invested in some leggings and for the rest we've pretty much just bought a million layers. I will be layering like mad although I've been told we can rent coats there which I think will be worth it. During the day it shouldn't be that bad, but during the night, ooooh, that's what I'm worried about. We'll have fun either way though, with misery or without, 9 days on the Everest Trail will definitely be a once in lifetime experience.

This is Tengboche, one of our stops along the trail

In other news I just finished my report cards, like litterally an hour ago. It feels so good to be done with grades. This weeks just kind of a throw away week for me. I'm not going to introduce anything new because they'll just forget it over the 2 week break. So today we had a party and everything else I'm teaching is just to meet Ministry of Education standards. I'm actually having a lot of fun with the comparing cultures standard. I'm really sad that Geography is over. I actually liked teaching it. Now it's on to health....

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jaredstorer said...

That is once in a lifetime!!! Someday I will climb part of the Everest Trail. It's on my list. You sure are fortunate to have that opportunity. Have fun!