Tuesday, April 7, 2009

immigration= not fun

My last day in Thailand oh and it's been a doozy starting off with 6 hours at immigration. Yuck! when you have a work visa you have to get a reentry permit every time you leave the country or when you come back your visa is cancelled and you're put on a tourist visa (not good!). Well today I once again had to make the trek downtown to immigration (we went last week to get a reentry permit for Bali and we went yesterday only to find out it was closed for a Thai holiday). Now the fact that yesterday was a holiday should have registered in my brain that immigration might be a little busier than normal today but of course my exhausted brain didn't even think of that so I got to immigration today to find more people than I'd ever seen there. Already dreading it I went p to the counter to get my number, 705. Then I looked at the wall to see what number they were on, 728 (the number recycles itself every 100 and since it's at counter 7 it starts with a 7). So I thought OK I have to wait for about 80 people. I sat and read "Into Thin Air" (so good!) for about an hour and a half and finally 705 came up so I go up to the counter where a so kind gentlemen points out to me "This is round 2 yours is for round 3." Sure enough there was a big 3 on my ticket. I didn't even occur to me that there would be rounds. So I had to wait through another 100 people. I was at immigration for almost 6 hours. It was AWEFUL! The whole time I was stressed out too because I had to make it to the bank today before closing so I could wire money to my US account. Thankfully I made it and I learned that I will be VERY POOR this summer. Good thing I'm living at home or I don't know I might be living in a box or something :)

Only a few more hours to go until I head to the airport for my 30+ hours of flying. I can't beleive it's almost here and I have so much to pack! Good thing I got a Thai massage yesterday and got all my knots out so I can relax. Although I don't know I think I acquired some pretty big knots today at immigration.

The Bali post is still coming, I haven't forgotten. There's just some more pressing things I need to do right now.

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