Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Floating Market

I went to the floating market yesterday with a mix of new and old teachers. We had planned on ordering a van which would pick us up at school. Well the final communication wasn't given to Kru Nee about the van so end the end there was no van. Problem easily solved. We all jumped in a Taxi and made it to the southern bus station just in time to catch the last bus.
The ride there was a little longer than I expected, about an hour and a half but we had fun talking and probably annoyed all the Thai people on the bus.
When we arrived we had to pay a good chunk of Baht to rent a boat (well actually 2) so that was could go to the market. I had thought that we would just walk around over like bridges and stuff and get to take cool pictures but from the boat it was pretty cool too. WE cruised through canals. There were shacks built along the side selling all manners of souvenirs that I've seen already in a million places. Then we got the actual market part and there were boats filled with souvenirs, but mostly things like fruit and other foods. It was really cool.
Our adventure in the canals only lasted an hour then we were dropped off at a dock where we could catch the buses from. Since we had about half an hour and we were starving we decided to get lunch. Right on the pier there was a lady making Pad See Ew, a dish we like and get a lot so we thought it would be a good choice. Well.... we forgot to specify the type of meat so while she was cooking and I see a load o seafood. Clams, shrimp, something like octopus. At that point I was getting scared (I HATE seafood) and then on top of that she put a handful of bean sprouts for each person. The bean sprouts ended up being the only things I ate. None of us actually liked it and the only one that really ate it was Josh and that's only because he drenched it in sweet sauce.
Oh what an adventure right :)

Oh then we played Bananagrams last night. So much fun! you should totally try it :)

Here's one of the bridges with the name of the market on it

A view of a more rural canal from our boat

Sarah, Josh and I were in a boat together

This is a Dragonfruit tree. It looks kind of like a cactus....

Inside of the market

The other boat had Shaela, Russ, Ruth and Brenna in it

The lady cooking our crazy lunch. There was like 2 pounds of bean sprouts on top!


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