Sunday, September 27, 2009

Under the sea Cinderella went to a temple and got a Massage

What a B-U-S-Y weekend! It feels like it never stops. From friday morning until now there has always been something to do.

Friday my class along with grades 3 and 4 went downtown to see the IMAX movie "Under the Sea 3D." Narrated by Jim Carey, this movie was awesome with so much under the sea goodness. I learned so much and it was great for any age! Now my kids on the other hand. Well, their behavior was to be expected. Fieldtrips are always stressful but much was learned at that's what really matters. After the movie we even got to go up to the projection room to see the projector and the kids got to learn a little bit about it (obviously this part was in Thai so I just got to look). And let me just say, IMAX film is HUGE!

After a long field trip day I noramally just want to go home and relax BUT friday was also the school talent show . For two hours I got to witness how fairly untalented the students are. I guess thats a little mean. The really tried and thats what really mattered. There were several piano acts. Acouple singing, dulcimers being played and even a magic show. Overall it was cute, and two of my girls sang I Love you Lord, a song I taught them in class. It didn't sound so pretty but I was super proud of them.

Saturday was actually a fairly uneventful day (unless you consider cleaning your room eventful), but on saturday night a group of us went over to a family from churches house for dinner and then we went to the Thai Cultural Center to see "Cinderella on Ice." I know that sounds corney, but it wasn't the Disney version. It was put on by International Ice Stars, a UK company and all the skaters were Russian. It was actually an interesting version, one I couldn't quite understand fully since it was nearly totally nonverbal but on intermission Jill and Shawna read a snippit of the story. In this version, set in the early 20th century Cinderellas father is the town watchmaker. A gypsy comes to town and sets all the clocks ary causing many problems for her father. The story still had the stepmother and sisters but the father didn't die and while the didn't treat cinderella nicely she also wasn't treated like a slave. "Prince Charming" also wasn't a prince at all, instead he was the Mayors son. An interesting concept, I don't think I'd see it again though.

Then today I was invited to go along to a monk initiation ceremony for the father of one of my students last year. I figured it's a once in a lifetime experience, might as well go. It was definitely interesting. We had to hold trays with roses, tissue, dish soap and lotion on them and march around the temple 3 times in two lines in front of him and then we went in the temple and the ceremony started. It felt a little awkward but we figured since we had no idea what was really going on that we didn't feel to badly, we weren't going to bow to buddha or anything. We left a little early because it was a LONG ceremony but I'm so glad I got to go.

After we got back to school tonight I went and got a 2 hour thai massage. It felt so wonderful and was only $12. I still can't get over that :)

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