Friday, October 2, 2009

The Countdown Begins

4 days - left in the semester
11 days - until report cards are due
14 days- until I'm on a plane for Vietnam
approx 23 days- Until I finally get to see the temples of Angkor!

Can you tell that I'm excited for the end of the semester or what? So excited that I even made a new blog title. It was time for some sprucing up. And speaking of sprucing up, I changed the layout of my other blog. There were things about the old layout that a really liked and some I didn't so I decided to change it up.

So, as the end soon approaches I find that I well, to put it in laymans terms, am lazy. I don't want to grade. More that anything I don't want to grade. There are great stacks of workbooks in my classroom waiting to be graded. Since I have no classroom time without my students this year (teaching my own music and have art in my classroom stinks) I have gotten to far behind on grading them. But instead of dwelling on negative things such as grading I will think of other things, like how I went to see "The Time Travelers Wife" tonight and I thought it was a very sad movie. Oh and I finally finished the Chronicles of Narnia. That had a happy yet sad ending as well. This weekend is a blank slate for me. No plans, just thoughts and open time which is good because my weekends will be booked for awhile. I'm off to Kanchanaburi again next weekend and then the two weekends after that are October break. Ah the life :)

The housemates and I after Cinderella on Ice last weekend

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