Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moving on to Plan B

Last April, as I boarded my plane at the Despensar Airport I wanted nothing more than to run back out the door and go climb a Volcano. I had fallen in love with Bali. From the lush rice terraces of Ubud to the early morning beach breaks, perfect for surfing, it was my paradise and 5 days in paradise is just not enough. Before we even landed in Bangkok a new trip was being planned and when we returned in June for the new school year it seemed like everyone wanted to go to Bali. It was so exciting! Slowly we made plans, first for October break, then re-planned for the end of the school year.
Now, as the end of the school year fast approaches the time has come to settle the logistics, booking plane tickets and finding a hotel. Alas, this is where the problems have arisen. Where last year we spent 6500 Baht on a plane ticket (about $180), this year the price has risen to almost 12000 Baht ($about $375). Now, wow, for the average person that's still a great deal, but for us poor, minimally earning English teachers 12000 Baht isn't pocket change, and in fact it's a deal breaker for most. So now, with most of my little group with strong objections to the trip I have had to say bye, bye to Bali (for now) and move on to Plan B.
So what could this Plan B possibly entail? Well for starters it's much cheaper and still very exciting. So where are we going??Are you ready??? Malaysia, and possibly Singapore as well! I'll be able to knock 2 more places off of my life list and see some pretty amazing things as well. Right now, the plan is to fly into Kuala Lumpur on April 1, then take the bus to the beautiful Tioman Islands, filming location for "South Pacific," where we'll be able to lay on the beach, explore the jungle and hopefully try our hand at scuba diving as well. From there we will take another bus south to Singapore and we'll fly back to Bangkok on April 8. Hopefully all goes well and we're able to execute this. It should be quite a big adventure.

I'll leave you now with a couple more pictures from our trip to the Jim Thompson house last weekend, taken from Kelly/Ruths Cameras.

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