Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At The End: Koh Samet

My constantly peeling face only serves as a reminder of how truly amazing my last weekend was. Now, I've said it before, but Koh Samet is by far my FAVORITE beach in Thailand. There's something about the small island setting and the crystalic green waters that is so appealing and enchanting. That is why, for nearly every three day weekend we choose to go here. But this trip to Koh Samet was a little more special than all the other ones. Why? Because it was the last one, a grand finale if you will. Helping us all to leave our lives in Thailand on a good note.
We left early Saturday morning and caught a van at Victory monument. This van ride, although it took a little longer, was a lot more "comfortable" that our last one (thanks to a pissed off driver who liked to cruise at 160 KM +). We got to the pier at around 11, bought a ticket on a speed boat and booked our guesthouse as we waited. That was a huge relief. On holiday weekends guesthouses don't like to take reservations so it's always a race for rooms. Now, technically we were only supposed to have 4 people in the room but Lucy and Kelly only really count as half, so 5 people no problem!

We quickly changed into our suits, got some lunch, perched in some beach chairs, and then spent the next two days relaxing on the beach reading, baking (for which I am paying for dearly), swimming and sleeping. It was wonderful!

Each day we left the beach after sunset. Although the salt on our skin and tangling our hair served as lovely reminders of our beach life we were happy to wash it all off in a nice, although cold, shower before heading back out on the beach to get dinner.

The food on Koh Samet is one of my favorite parts. It's not any culinary masterpiece by any means but the euphoria of being on the amazing beach mixed with the beach BBQ makes it so much better. It's a feeling than can turn any ordinary kabob or slightly burned corn on the cob into the best meal you've ever had. Are you getting jealous?

After dinner we are never ready to go to bed, so what do we do? What all young people do at the beach, DANCE! This holiday weekend just happened to coincide with the full moon and although this isn't Koh Phan Ngan, the full moon party at the Naga Bar was pretty rocking. We got our hands painted with florescent paint and then headed over to dance under the black lights on the dance floor. Soon dozens of others had joined us. We successfully got the party started and then... went home because well... we were tired. But then we went back again the next night and successfully started the party again. We are to good at our jobs :)

Our last day on Koh Samet was bitter sweet. Bitter because it was the last day, bitter because four of the five of us had ridiculous sunburns and could only hibernate in the shade, but sweet because the island holds so many good memories and it's just to beautiful to feel bitter about.

If you ever come to Thailand, and you definitely should, skip Phuket (it's overrated) and go to Koh Samet. You won't regret it.

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