Wednesday, March 24, 2010


TUMBLR. Lots of people use it. Many consider it their blog. I never quite understood it. It's usage seemed to be aimed more at short thoughts and photos rather than real meaty content. That said, today I created my own TUMBLR page. Why? Well, it came down to the photo posting capabilities. The photos on TUMBLR are 3 times the size of ones I can post on blogspot. So, know, this TUMBLR page won't be my blog by any means, but it will be a place for me to post photos (and quick thoughts) from my life and journeys both in the U.S. and abroad. If you have some time check it out. Since I just started it there's not a lot there but stay posted. Afterall, y'all know how much I like to take pictures :)

My TUMBLR site

And on another note. I've posted a couple times on the STA World Traveler Internship which I was competeing for. I made the top 50, but this morning they announced the top 20 and unfortunatly I wasn't among them. I'm at peace with the decision. I know that it wasn't "meant to be" for me this year, and that I'll find something else to do instead that is quite possibly just as amazing. And hey, I have 1 more year that I can apply for the internship so I just might try it again. Several applicants this year were repeat appliers. We'll see.

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