Friday, May 28, 2010

At least The Amazing Race would be one option

With the departure of the STA World Traveler Interns on their Round the World extravaganza tomorrow, I'm having an extreme case of jealousy.  Without a doubt Casey and Natalie are awesome and totally deserve the position... I just wish it could be me.  I consider it an extreme honor to have made the top 50, and as of now I fully intend to apply once again for the internship next summer.  My last chance.

So, if you've got a case of the travel bug follow the interns around the world, they'll be visiting some drool worthy destinations.

Another person worth a follow is one of last summer's interns and fellow SAS alum Lindsay Clark who maintains a travel website/blog called  This girl is seriously cool.  I've been following her for about a year now and not only is she seemingly fearless but she also has an incredible heart, starting The Nakavika Project to help a village in Fiji (which she first visited on the internship).  Up next she'll be jetting off to Mexico with Project Explorer.  You can bet I'll keep watching.

So, in my poor, jobless, no travel plans in site, pity party I was throwing for myself today I found myself diving into the travel world online and found some pretty cool things, like a free trip to South Africa.  Yes Please!  National Geographic and South African Tourism are looking for 1 representative each from seven countries including America to be an Adventure Ambassador.  The winners are flown to South Africa for a week long trip accompanied by National Geographic videographers, Photographers and writers.  So what do you have to do to win this amazing trip?   Upload a picture to their website and write, in 250 words or less why they should choose YOU for this opportunity.  Sounds easy, but in a pool where there is likely to be hundreds if not thousands of applicants you have to make sure that you stand out, being both exciting and engaging.  You can bet I'll be applying.

Another utterly awesome opportunity I stumbled upon  was The Global Scavenger Hunt.  For 23 days teams of two journey around the world, participating in activities and receiving points for each one completed.  In the end the team with the most points wins.  Of course something so good couldn't be free.  This little adventure runs $9,900 per person but, if you're the winning team you will be given $20,000, which would make the adventure, well, free.  So, if you think this sounds pretty cool and you have the money to participate make sure you register for the 2011 race (April 15-May 7) ASAP, space is limited.  And if you do sign up please let me know because my poor self wants to live vicariously through you.

Of course even though I can't afford to pay for a round the world race there's always a free option, you know CBS's "The Amazing Race?"  I think I have the mad skills to do it, I just need to find a partner, any takers????

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