Saturday, June 26, 2010


Tomorrow I will be saying sionara to my technology filled world and saying hello to the wondrous great outdoors.  That's right boys and girls, I'm going to camp!  Alas I will not be going as a camper (I must cling to the ten years of camp I had in my childhood), instead I will be going as the responsible (he he) middle school camp counselor, and I'm pretty excited.  Camp counseling isn't new to to me, after working for 3 years as a YMCA summer day camp counselor and even as a counselor the summer after high school at this same camp, Pleasant Valley CC, I've got some experience behind me.  What makes this week so exciting is that this is the camp I grew up going to.  I spent some of the best weeks of my life there and I'm so happy to be a part of it again.
This is a picture of my 2/3 grade girls way back in 2003, the first time I was a counselor at Pleasant Valley.  This time I'll be trading in all my elementary school experience for a week with moody, drama filled, enthusiastic middle schoolers.  It should be quite an adventure, and you know what the funny thing is?  These same girls in the picture will be in middle school now.  I wonder if any of them will be there?

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