Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes I love playing tourist

The fact is, when you live in a place you don't take advantage of all the fun and interesting things your town has to offer because, well, you can always do it later.  That's why I love when I have friends from out of town visit. It forces me to stop procrastinating and get out there and have some fun.  So, last Sunday my friend Tiffany had a 6 hour layover in Seattle on her way back to the mainland from Maui.  I picked her up from the airport and we headed downtown to try to catch Pike Place Market before it closed.  We barely made it, most stalls were already packing up but there was enough life left in it to be inspiring.  Afterwards we walked down the street to the newish Sculpture Park, in which I was totally disappointed.  They got rid of the trolleys for this? Seriously?  Oh well, can't win them all.  It was amazing how quickly the few hours flew by but we had so much fun and I was so thankful for the good weather. 

some of the delicious offerings at Peroshky Peroshky

The Market has some of the most beautiful fresh flowers

The infamous gum wall.  Nasty.

Anytime any of you want to come play in Seattle with me I'm game.  There's tons of adventures to be had :)

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