Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fundraisers times dos

Ah fundraisers, they can be scarey but they're also a necessity, espeically since I'm trying to raise $16,000 for my upcoming service trip with the World Race. So here, 8 months before I depart I lay before you the first two, of what I'm sure will be many, fundraisers. So take a look!

Fundraiser #1 : Custom designed photo Christmas cards

So as I sat brainstorming I thought, everyone needs Christmas cards, I know how to design Christmas cards, why don't I use Christmas cards as a fundraiser???
So I sat down and designed twelve different/variations of cards for people to choose from. AND I am also willing to make completely custom cards if requested.

When I am finished putting your card together I will then email you the file and you can print it off at Costco, Walmart, or where ever you like.


Pre-designed cards (with custom salutation) = $15
Completely custom Christmas card design=$25
(cards are available in 4x6 or 5x7)

To get more details, see ALL the cards or place and order you can go to my information page at the "Christmas Cards!" tab at the top of this page.

Here's a couple examples of cards I designed (for full selection visit info page)

All proceeds go towards my World Race

Fundraiser #2: Threads of Hope

This is a fundraiser many world racers have taken on in the past, and for a good reason, this is one of only a few fundraisers where proceeds go to support two great causes.

These bracelets are made by families in the town of Puerto Galera in the Philippines, a town where what little income they have comes from selling items to tourists on the beach. Because many families can not live off of this little money they end up selling their children into prostitution. Threads of hope aims to change the circumstances of families in Puerto Galera one bracelet at a time.

When you buy a bracelet from me 50% of the proceeds will go to my World Race and the other 50% will go straight back to Puerto Galera where so far many families have been helped, and, instead of being sold into prostitution children are being sent to school!

If you would like to help I am selling two sizes of bracelets.

Small Bracelets= $1

Flat bracelets/flat bracelets with bead=$3

 And if you're thinking "but I don't wear bracelets," well chances are you know someone that does. Kids especially love them, and hey, you could always use it as a bookmark!

To read more information (and see pictures) on colors, Threads of Hope, or how to order bracelets from me you can visit my information page under the "Threads of Hope" tab at the top of this page.


All proceeds go towards my World Race and Threads of Hope

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I love these ideas! I definitely want to purchase some bracelets, maybe in a week or two, for Christmas presents! What a wonderful fundraiser! Love you!