Sunday, March 13, 2011

Exploring Portland

  Growing up in Seattle, Portland was always our friendly neighbor to the south.  I would drive through it on my way to hear, again on my way to there.  In fact I've past through Portland at least 2 dozen times, but I never actually stopped in Portland and I thought there was no time like the present for this to be remedied.

   See, when I was in Thailand we had endless opportunities to explore, and I grew accustomed to frequent adventures, something that has been lacking since I have been back in the US.  I've been.... bored.  So I talked to a couple friends and we decided to make a day trip to Portland to go out and explore.  So to change it up, I am presenting a (mostly) Photo blog about our little adventure to Portland.

Walking down the street the first interesting item we came upon were tons of "food trucks."  So much good food and tons of Thai food!
Then we turned the corner and saw this guy.  Have I ever mentioned I'm afraid of crabs?
After lunch at Baja Fresh we made our way to Powells, a bookstore that takes up a full city block.  It was overwhelming to say the least.
And of course we had to buy stuff.
From there we walked 10 blocks to Voodoo Doughnuts where we were greeted by this, and the line actually stretches around the corner!
So we hunkered in at the back of the line and prepared for our hour wait.
We had some fun while we waited and took a lot of pictures.
Then I saw this across the street so of course I had to run over and take a picture.
Getting closer!  We're almost in the door!
Finally!  We made it inside! be greeted by another, shorter, line.
Victory!  P.S.  If you like meeting people, carry one of these boxes around Portland.  Everyone will want to talk to you.
And they were so delicious!    
From there we walked up the street just a little bit to take pictures of the awesome Portland sign.
On the way back to the car we stumbled across Chinatown, and after Jennifer and I's trip to Victoria last summer, this picture was a must take.
Our last stop before heading back home was Multnomah Falls.  I had heard it was beautiful but still I didn't expect this. Pictures don't do it justice.
So there's a day through Portland.  Would I ago again?  Definitely!  And you should too.

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