Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's a wonderful world

So it's been a snowy week in Western Washington. Not only in the mountains but at home too. I spent the last two days with my dad at White Pass skiing. We stayed in a condo just across the street from the lifts. We definitly weren't expecting no TV or phone. We entertained ourselves (off the slopes which closed at 4) by reading Harry Potter outloud. Those books are great. The snow at the pass was pretty much the best I've ever been on. It snowed like 2 feet while we were there so it was always fluffy. Yesterday they were doing SWAT training on one of the runs (they had it closed off) but some of the armed SWAT team members made it onto one of the other runs. It was weird to see guys with guns (I assume they were paint ball but you never know) right next to where I was skiing. Tonight on the drive home there was the most awesome sunset so I had to stop and take a picture. I thought it looked cool reflected in the ice.
I wanted to put up some new pics of everything and of course some of my beautiful neice and her awesome parents.

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