Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time Flies....

Wow, I can't believe my 6 week break is almost over. In a week I will begin the last semester of my undergraduate career. Thankfully, for a while last week I was doubting that would happen. Liberty wasn't letting my SAS credits transfer like they should have, but I got it all worked out.
It's interesting at the beggining of this break I had so many plans and ideas, and thought that I had plenty of time but now as the break is ending half of those things are still just plans and ideas. I thought I would be able to get all my SAS scrapbooks done, but I'm still working on number 2, and these first two arn't even the photo ones. I printed out all of my SAS blogs and glued them to the pages surrounding them with different things I collected from each country like tickets and candy wrappers and maps. My stack of photos to scrapbook gets taller and taller.
I didn't even make it downtown this break (I do still have 4 days to attempt, but I doubt it will happen). But, this is how it always is. Little things come up and you arn't able to do what you had originally wanted.
I bought the book "1000 places to see before you die," I thought it was a good investment. I have been to 44 of them. That means I only have 956 more to go! I better get cracking.

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