Saturday, February 10, 2007

A little inspiration

I got to scrapping again today. I wanted to do some of the pics from my trip but for some reason my inspiration was to do a layout on myself. I wish I had more of my supplies back here at school with me, actually I wish I had more supplies period :). After I graduate and get a job, maybe. I still haven't finished all of my valentines. It will be a task.
I went Ice skating today with Caitlyns family, Chelsea and Kendal. It was a lot of fun other than the fact the the rink was overrun with 8 year olds having birthday parties. I havn't been in a year so I'm no better at ice skating than last year and I wasn't very good then.
It's exactly a month until we leave for Florida! I'm so excited I can hardly contain it. I'm looking forward to the warm weather, going to disney, and taking tons of pictures.
Hope ya'll have a good night and a good sunday!

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