Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is it...

Thursday already! Wow time really does go by really fast. I got the things I ordered from today. I was so excited! Especially for my new SEI Aunt Gerti Photo album. It's so cute! Pink, white, green and brown. My favorite colors together!
This weekend is CFAW meaning tomorrow night is coffeehouse. I must say I'm more than slightly disappointed that they put our coffeehouse (a showcase of LU students for LU students) during CFAW (college for a weekend). It's already packed enough as is now just add thousands of high schoolers and youth leaders to the mix. Me and Alyssa did manage to score some floor seats though. A place where no CFAWers are allowed!
The forecast says it will snow on Saturday. I really hope so. I need some good snow before winter can be over. It should be a rule that if its cold outside there needs to be snow and if it's sunny it needs to be warm.
Ok, well I'm off to Big Small Group then maybe I'll bake my Valentines day cupcakes a day late? Sounds like a good Thursday night plan :)

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