Sunday, February 18, 2007

wind and icecicles

Overall it was a good weekend. Not very productive, but those are the best. Coffeehouse was on Friday night. It was probably one of my favorites so far. Def. my favorite spring one. Since it was one CFAW they made it so only LU students could have floor seats so me, Alyssa and Lindsay got there early and sat in the third row. Some of the acts were really talented, some were really funny, and others were just really weird. There was more good than weird though. KJ-52 performed too. I think it's so awesome that he's using something which is generally so negative (rap and hip hop) to be encouraging and supportive. Well, coffeehouse didn't get over until 2 am (it started at 11) so I slept in a bit yesterday then I felt really productive, I did my laundry, took a shower, researched some photography school stuff. I'm not sure if Brooks will be right for me, but I'm going to talk to my admissions counselor tomorrow. It's really the money that's so daunting. It's a really expensive program, but if God wants me to do it, he will make a way. Also they've apparently had some issues with lying to students in the last couple years. All things I'm going to talk to my counselor about. I think it would be totally rad to be able to go into Photojournalism though. I could pair it with my history degree and hopefully do some awesome things.
Today it's been super cold outside all day and the wind is really blowing. Somehow someone tor our outside door of it's hinges so cold air has been blowing through the quad and everythings freezing. Oh, I watched Marie Antoinette last night. I really wanted to like it, and I didn't really dislike it, it was just really flat, like there was no climax. Oh well, not all can be winners.
Only 3 more weeks 'til spring break. I'm so excited for Florida and warm weather. I'm preparing my camera to take a zillion pictures. I'm so excited!

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