Sunday, February 25, 2007

Seriously, where does the time go?

Wow, it's hard to believe that just 3 months ago today I was here:


And 4 months ago I was my way here:


from here:

There's so many more "I can't believes" that it would take me all day to list them all, but most of all I can't believe that my much anticipated semester with Semester at Sea is nearly 3 months over and in 3 months time so will my undergraduate college career. Where did life go? At the same time I'm super stoked about my post graduation life wherever it takes me. I can't wait to get a little place and decorate it. I bought to issues of Better homes and gardens yesterday (I know, I'm only 21 but I can't help it if I love BHG) and found so many cute ideas for my future place.
Overall it's been a pretty fun weekend. I went bowling on thursday night with Alyssa, Richard, and Joe. I did so bad, probably the worst I've ever done but it was still so much fun. Then friday a bunch of us girls went to Kings Island to get sushi then we were a quarter late to the Hockey Game where liberty went on to defeat Oswego by such a huge margain that the score doesn't even really matter. Last night we went up to the student center and played Cranium. I love that game so much and we had so much fun. See it's weekends like these that I'm going to miss when I graduate.
Oh also I found this place this weekend. There will definitely be a photoshoot trip taken there before graduation. It's where the filmed dirty dancing! Hope you have a good week all!

Me and caitlin thought of other uses for our chopsticks while we waited for forever for our asian food :)

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