Sunday, March 4, 2007

I ate to many cupcakes

What a great weekend. Probably the best of the semester so far. It all started out on friday (I guess obviously :)) My dorm, brother dorm and a few selected other individuals got together to play bigger and better. In this game there are several teams and each team starts off with a paperclip. The goal is, in a limited amount of time (we had just over an hour), to see what team can get the biggest and best thing by going around to different houses (or apartments)and trading their object, and whoever had the biggest and best thing when the game is over, wins. It was definitely interesting we went through a food phase for awhile because that's all people wanted to give up. We went from a paperclip to... a can of green beans, to... a jar or peanuts, to... a carton of powdered lemonade,to...a really big bottle of soda, to... a small ironing board, and then we went through a phase where no one wouldn't answer their door, or if they did, then they said they didn't have anything bigger or better than an ironing board. We even got the door answered by a gross man in a robe once and another guy that slammed the door in our face. Finally, desperately we tried one last apartment and it turned out to be the motherload. It was other college guys from Liberty. At first they said they didn't have anything but after they thought about it for a minute they said "hey, do you want a chair?" We were like of course! That's both bigger and better than an ironing board. I was thinking a desk chair or a table chair, no, it was the mother of all recliners. It was slightly broken but still sittable, so we were actually doing them a favor by getting rid of it. Trying to fit it into Emilys little Mazda was another problem all together. We drove back to school with her four way flashers on and the recliner sticking halfway out of her trunk. We were the first ones to get back so we sat the recliner on the sidewalk and me, Emily and Chelsea sat in it an watched the other cars drive up. Their immediate comments, "how did you get that?" Needless to say we won. Actually it came kind of close, another team got a brand new MP3 player but it was only 64mb so we beat them. Now our wonderful trophy is sitting in the common room of my quad. It's so comfy, I love it.
Friday was also my RA Bri's birthday was after the game we were all going to go out and get desert. The problem was, there was 25 of us. We attempted to go to Macadoos but it was a 2 hour wait so Bri decided she wanted to go to Dairy Queen, which turned out to be a good choice, although I'm sure the other customers weren't to appreciative. After ice cream a group of us ended up at the student center to play "in a Pickle." Now Ricky and Becca had just raved about this game so I thought it would be totally awesome but I thought it was kind of boring. They said it was because there was to many of us, but I don't see how it could be fun even with less people. Oh well, I guess to each his own.
Ok, so yesterday... yesterday... well, yesterday wasn't really to amazing, not the beginning at least. Just a normal sat. I woke up, took a shower, etc, but last night I went out bowling with Mary, Monica and Siera. Eric came too, but he didn't bowl. It was fun to bowl with people that were at the same level as me unlike two weeks ago. Actually I made a big deal about how bad I was (last week I bowled a 70, I mean, come on) but then the first game I bowled a 153! That's like the best I've done ever. Then the second game I was back to normal, I got an 81. Two games were enough for us because honestly that bowling ally is SO dirty. It's super cheap and because of that it attracts all the people that are lower on the totem pole plus the alcoholics and chain smokers. I came out of the bowling ally and my clothes radiated a smell of smoke. It was disgusting.
I got back to the dorm at like 8:30 and there was absolutely nothing to do and pretty much people think your a loser if you don't do anything on a Saturday night so me and Lindsay desperately tried to think of something to do. Unfortunately Lynchburg isn't really known for it's nightlife. There's the movie theater and bowling and that's pretty much it. So we decided to go to walmart and buy some games. Lindsay bought Jenga and I bought Phase 10. We tried phase 10 first but it just didn't work because there was only 2 of us and one of us almost always had the phase in our hand before we even started. So then we tried Jenga, and we were just to good at it so it got boring really quick, then we just resorted to watching some episodes of friends because we knew we liked that.
Today we had another Wards road bus adventure. After church Alyssa, Kendal and I took bus 4T down to the Target shopping center. I am so thankful for the free campus bus system this year. I wish we had had it last year, or even two years ago. Anyway we went to target to get Alyssa a swimsuit for spring break and I ended up buying entirely to much stuff, including Season 5 of Full House which I am so excited to start watching. It's the season where Nikky and Alex are born so I know it will be good.
I have a feeling that this week is going to seem so long with the Anticipation of spring break next week. I only have one test and a short paper so I don't think it will be that hard although I think I'm getting sick so that could throw everything off.
I decided that this summer, since I can't go to Europe that I want to go to Victoria, BC. At least it looks like Europe.
One week from today we leave for Florida. I can't wait to get my tan and mu Disney on!

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