Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ready for some sun!

We leave for Florida on sunday. I'm so excited! Except for I have something now that I just can't shake! A cough and no voice for a week! I home it comesback soon. Part of the fun of road trips is being able to sing along to awesome girl songs and cheesy hits during the 13 hour drive :) But even if I don't have a voice nothing can stop me from enjoying Disneyworld. I've wanted to go there since I was like 6 and now I'm finally getting the chance 15 years later. It's definitly the way to end my spring break career.
ooh, ooh, yesterday I was searching online for cheap airfares and I came accross this thing called a "Round the World ticket." You go through a travel agent to get them and you can have as many stops as you want and they're super cheap. Like you can fly from LA to Hong Kong, to Bangkok, to Rome, to Paris, and to London and then back to LA for $1200. Holy Cow! I'm tottaly going to do this. Any of you travel bugs out there sould research it too :)

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