Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A1A... beach front Avenue!!!

Oh good times. Back from spring break already and only 59 days until graduation!!! I'm so excited! Ok, so for those of you that don't know I went down to Florida with a few of my friends for spring break. It was a blast although a few things could have been better.
We left last sunday as soon as we were able to pick up the rental car ( it was a chevy cobalt and I loved it, I'm considering buying one now). The drive down to Orlando seemed to go very quickly. We left Lynchburg around 10:30 or 11:00 and were in Orlando by 9:30 that night.
Our hotel was interesting. Definitely not bad but it wasn't amazing either. You really get what you pay for. It was only $39 a night so we weren't expecting much. It had 2 clean beds, a bathroom and a TV which is all we could have asked for.
Most of our time there we spent at Disneyworld. We bought 4 day passes so we were able to go to all four parks.
On that first monday we went to the Magic Kingdom. I'm not gonna lie, I like the magic kingdom in Disneyland a little better. I mean the original is always the best but at disneyworld it doesn't have the Matterhorn, or the Indiana Jones ride, or New Orleans Sq. and in my opinion the pirates of the Caribbean ride isn't as good. OK, now enough already being at Disneyworld is not a time to complain. It was still alot of fun. We got to enjoy the heat, got absolutely soaked on Splash mountain and waited in a ridiculously long line to go on the Buz light year ride, but it was all worth it. I just wish I could have seen the fireworks at the end of the day but the other girls all wanted to catch the first shuttle back to the hotel and I was overruled.
The second day we met up with some guys Alyssa knew who also happened to be staying in Orlando and paid a ridiculous amount on toll roads to get out to Cocoa beach. It was a nice beach, typical of florida, crowded. I didn't like it as much as the beaches on the gulf coast. We laid out all day, played in the water a bit and played some football while acouple of the guys tried to pick up on some girls. We explored Ron Jons surf shop for a bit then drove down to the pier for dinner. The food was great and the view was awesome but our waitress was high or something. She was all over the place and laughing at everything and then took forever to get us our checks in the end. Afterwards we drove back to Orlando and went to the guys hotel to go in their hot tub (the one at our hotel was kinda sketchy). Now most anyone who knows me knows I hate hot tubs. I just get bored. So I can spend like 15 min or half an hour in one but we ended up staying 2 hours. I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda in a bad mood after that.
The next day we decided to go to the Animal Kingdom. It was probably my favorite park and I'd love to go back one day to explore it some more. It's this weird cross between and theme park and a zoo that totally works. Dinoland was a really cute area. They have this little roller coaster there that spins you around when it hits a corner, so much fun. Then there's giant cartoonish dinosaurs everywhere. It reminded me kind of of the dinosaur in that movie that came out in the late 80's about a boy that liked to play video games. It think it was called the whiz or something. Anyway, I'm totally going off on a tangent. The expedition Everest ride was prob my favorite ride in all of disneyworld. We waited in line for an hour (and played would you rather while we waited) then when we got to the front Hieu decided she didn't want to go on it anymore. It was her first time at a theme park so it was totally understandable and after riding it we realized she would have been totally freaked out. I ended up going on the Kali River Rapids ride by myself because no one wanted to get wet and I got totally soaked. Inside the tree of life (the Animal kingdom equivalent to the castle) they have this attraction called "it's tough to be a bug," It was so cute I'd totally recommend seeing it and then the Safari so really cool too. It wasn't totally what I expected but still really fun.
The next day we went to Epcot. We actually only ended up spending 5 hours there. I wanted to spend More but once again everyone was so set on going home I didn't want to be the voice of decent. The first ride we went on was the test track. I'm not going to lie. I though it would be a little scarier than it was. Then we went on the Nasa simulator which was so much fun and terrifying at the same time. It's like your really blasting into space. Everyone in your simulator has a job and mine was navigator so I had to blast us around the moon. If you ever go to Epcot you should definitely go on this ride.
The rest of Epcot is the world showcase. It's amazing how close their able to get to the countries. Japan was a lot like Japan and when we were in Morocco It felt so much like Egypt. Everyone that works in each country is actually from that country too so it adds to the effect.
The next day was MGM and the guys decided to join us. It actually ended up being the best day at a park despite the fact that MGM is my least favorite park. We went on the Tower of Terror twice. Half of us were super stoked and the other half were terrified. The Indiana Jones show was really awesome too. Alyssa was lucky enough to be an extra in it and the guy that played Indiana was very hot. The biggest disappointment was the rockin roller coaster was closed all day. Ryan and Zach actually went and complained so they were able to get us VIP seats for Fantasmic that night which was awesome, we didn't even have to wait in line.
---Wow let me just say there's some much running through my mind right now, my thoughts are everywhere so I'm sorry if this is such a jumble----
Ok so after MGM we all went to Joes Crab Shack for dinner then went and did Nascar simulators which were totally crazy and played lazer tag, which I came in second in.
Then we went back to the hot tub and stayed there 'til 5:30am but it was ok that time because we played a game.
The next day we left to go back to Virginia and an 11 hour drive turned into and 18 hour drive. For many reasons though. We got stuck in traffic in Jacksonville, we stopped at Fernandina Beach for one last romp in Florida, we stoped in Savannah for dinner and got stuck in a massive St. Patties day crowd and ended up leaving and getting dinner somewhere else then we drove into Lynchburg at 5:30am and got to Liberty at 6:00am.
Now classes are going again and I can't wait to graduate. At least the weather is warm :)

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