Thursday, March 29, 2007

letting it out

I finally did something productive tonight! I found this little plastic keyring card holder and decided I would decorate it a bit. Try to make it something I would like to use. I like the outcome, it stayed kinda simple but still fun. As always I hate the fact that I have nearly NONE of my scrapbooking and craft supplies back here at school. It's so difficult when I get an idea for a cute layout but either the pic I want to use is at home or the supplies I want is back home. Usually it's the later.
I don't know why I was in such a creative mood tonight but I kept sketching out ideas for all different things that I want to make this summer. I got tons of inspiration from other blogs and . There are so many amazing creative minds out there. It's incredible.
Maybe I had so many ideas tonight becuase I'm trying to prolong writing my final history paper as long as possible. If I was writing on something cool like Nara, or the Pyramids, or Mughal architecture then it wouldn't be so hard, that's the area of history I like but my paper is on "The rise and fall of Port Royal Jamaica: The Wickedest City on Earth." Ya, that's my title. It was a pirate town for many years (think pirates of the caribbean, they lived in Port Royal), but I don't get to write a whole lot on the pirates because that only lasted a couple decades. I can only procrastinate so long though. I have so much research to do and somehow I have to get up to UVA to do it... wish me luck :)

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