Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Another beautiful day in VA

I was looking through some of my friends pictures today and I found this long lost pic from China. We had just walked out of the forbidden city and were grouped together to walk to our bus. A chinese tour group came out bedind us and all lined up to get thier picture taken. We stood there watching them and as we did a few SASers would sneak over to try and get a discreet picture with them. Thier photographer saw this and motioned for us to join them. It was a quick rush of SAS students, and a lot of fun. I'm in the front towards the right.

Ok, so other than that it's another beautiful day in Virginia. It was supposed to rain and thunderstorm today so I left my dorm at 7:15 this morning (because of terrible senior assessment tests) wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Now I look out my window, the sky is blue, and while not in the 80's like the last 2 days the temp is well into the 70's. The tulips, cherryblossoms and dogwoods are all blooming making the campus look oh so beautiful.

Tommarow I have to go up to the University of Virginia to do some research for my HIST 490 paper. Liberty has such a worthless library, you can't find anything. I really need primary sources too, which I would never be able to find at Liberty.

I'm really hopeing that this beautiful weather lasts for the weekend. I'm going with some friends down to our friend Ann's apt. in Raleigh (she's a SICU nurse at DUKE hospital) then were going to the beach. I'm so excited! I havn't been to any East Coast beaches the entire time I've been in Virginia except for in Florida. My goal is to try and make it out to Virginia beach sometime before graduation but my schedule is getting more and more packed day by day.

Oh, also I'm hopeing to buy a car sometime this summer/fall. Right now I'm really likeing the scion xB (2008 redesign) but I'm also looking at the Honda fit. I was looking at the Toyota Yaris but after research I found it's tottaly not worth it. Any good cars I should know about?

Now that I've rambled I hope ya'll are having beautiful preing weather also. Have a great wedensday!

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