Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What a wonderful world

Looking out of my dorm room right now I can see the most beautiful red sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Gorgeous!
I had such a blast this last weekend. Seven of us girls drove down to Ann's apartment in Cary, NC on friday night. It was the most gorgeous (I'm liking that word today) apartment ever. It was huge and the windows were huge so there was so much sunlight. She only pays $300 a month too (she shares it with 2 other girls). Anyway we watched a little bit of "Step Up" then Ann made us all Dorito Chicken for dinner, which was amazing and I will be making it in the future. After dinner we sat around and played games just like old times then we watched 16 Blocks and fell asleep, only to wake up to a slight coat of snow and frost on the ground and cars. What happened to the 80 degree heat we'd had the week before??? It was so cold!
All 8 of us piled into Stephanies minivan (which can really only seat 7) and headed off to Myrtle Beach. Somehow along the way we ended up on the wrong road and we had to pull over for directions. At least it was going the same direction we needed to go.
Right before you cross the NC/SC border there is this place called South of the Border. If you've ever gone that way before you know what I mean, it's kinda hard to miss. There's building after a building (and even an "amusement park") all with a Mexican theme. It's the craziest tourist trap ever. We ended up stopping at Fort Pedros fireworks to get some fireworks for the beach later (which we never actually set off).
Since we had gotten off track it took us about 4.5 hours to get to Myrtle Beach instead of 3.5. Even though we were starving we decided to go to the hotel first to put our stuff down. Let me just say we had the most incredible view ever. Ann had gotten us a suite on the 16th floor that looked out over the ocean. If you sat far enough back from the windows all you could see was water. It was almost like being on the ship again.
We finally got around to eating lunch at about 4pm, so it was more like dinner. We went to the hard rock cafe which had a terribly fake Egyptian theme (nothings the same once you've seen the real deal) and it took forever for us to get our food and the food wasn't even that spectacular. I don't think I'll go back again.
After lunch we went back to the hotel and even though it was like 50 degrees plus wind we decided to go down to the beach (1. if you're at the beach you have to go onto the beach, and 2. Lauren had never been to the ocean before so we had to go for her). At first we just walked out and put our feet in but then we decided to be crazy and actually go in the water so we ran back upstairs and put our swimsuits on then ran back down to the water and quickly back into the hot tub to thaw out. It was definitely an adventure.
That night we were going to go to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. The line was so long though. We waited for a while but it was just to long and it was going to be so much money so we went to Wendy's instead and put 8 orders through the drive though (the inside was closed because it was 10:30). We had some more adventures afterwards, but those at the time are confidential and will be talked about at a later time. I'll just say we got back to the hotel at around 2:00 and we had a really fun night.
The next morning we slept in until check out time. Instead of driving back to Cary the way we had come we decided to drive up the coast a little bit to Wilmington, NC. Wilmington was such an adorable town. It's got beautiful old houses, a quaint downtown, and a river walk. We walked around on the river walk for while then ate lunch at a cute restaurant right off of it. Wilmington also happens to be the town where they film One Tree Hill (which has become a recent obsession) so I got to see where Karens Cafe is, where they shoot the exterior school scenes, and the River court. The river court was a lot smaller than I expected, but it was cool just to be there.
We got back to Anns around 7. It was such a chill night. We watched "She's All That," we couldn't believe Alyssa had never seen it before, then we ordered Pizza from Domino's (the 555 deal is awesome) and had some devotional time (since we had missed an Easter service that morning). I also learned about an up and coming group called 111 (shout out to S and L) and even helped them a little bit with a song.
It kind of stinks to be back at school now. I actually skipped my theology class this morning, basically because I didn't feel like going and I slept like a rock, it was amazing!
I hope everyone has a great week! And that it warms up. We need some heat in our lives :)

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