Saturday, April 21, 2007

Reflect and Remember

I wrote this post yesterday but for some reason I couldn't get on my blogger and wasn't able to post it....:

So there is no doubt that this has been a rough week. A lot of crying. Today was national Orange and Maroon Effect day aka Hokie Hope day. Around the country people were supposed to wear Virginia Techs colors, Orange and Maroon, to show support for the school and remember the ones who were killed. Here at liberty it was literally a sea of orange and Maroon. Every store in Lynchburg was sold out of VT gear and eventually sold out of orange and maroon colored items also. I was lucky to get a VT hat while I still could.

Today was also a statewide day of mourning here in Virginia. At noon there was was supposed to be a moment of silence and bells statewide were supposed to be rung. I happened to be in the Rot (our cafeteria) at noon. It was weird, everyone silenced really quickly and just stood still while first a prayer leader got up and prayed and then we had a moment of silence. I don't think the rot had ever been that quite while there was still people in it.

Today in Convo Misty Bernal, the mother of Cassie Bernal who was killed in the Columbine shootings spoke. We felt somewhat honored because today was also the 8th anniversary of the Columbine shootings. Everyone gave here a standing ovation and she started to cry, which as a reaction I started to cry also. The same thing happened last night when she spoke at the Central Virginia Virginia Tech alumni memorial service. Man, it's been rough.

I heard today about a group from WBC who believes all of the people who were killed must have deserved to be killed and are going to protest at the funerals. It saddens my heart so much because this group is calling themselves christians but aren't acting christlike at all. They're further tarnishing the name of Christians around the country.

My heart goes out to the families of all those who died. I pray that God can heal their hearts and help them to get through another day. And for all those that were injured I pray that they would heal swiftly both physically and mentally.

With Sunday comes the start of a new week, a whole new beginning. Lets try to make the most of it because as we learned last Monday, we never know when our lives might end or be forever changed.

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