Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a great day

It was 83 degrees here today, a total 180 from the nor'easter last Sunday. Absolutely beautiful weather.
Monica, Mary and I headed out in Monicas convertible bug to try to find Mountain Lake resort in western Virgina which is where they filmed Dirty Dancing. Along the way we passed through Blacksburg so we felt that we should stop at Virginia Tech. It was surreal to put a picture to the place. In the center of the campus there is a big lawn and on it there were several memorials set out. There was a line of people at least a hundred feet long waiting to file past the many piles of flowers set out to remember the victims. Under some tents in the field there were several boards set out with markers so you could sign them. It was really difficult to find an empty space on any of the boards because there were so many messages. There was also police tape surrounding Norris Hall for several hundred yards. I think that was a good thing. Right before we got in the car to leave we were able to meet and shake hands with the VT police chief. We thanked him for all of his hard work. He looked really tired, I felt so bad for him so if you could keep him in your prayers that would be great.

After we left Virginia Tech we drove up into the mountains to try and find Mountain Lake Resort. People kept honking and waving at us. For a while we were really confused as to why, then we figured it must have been because I was wearing a VT hat. At least that's the only explanation we could think of. Anyway, to get to Mountain Lake Resort we had to drive up the windiest road and it seemed to take forever. Then we finally got there we were greeted with a Big "Closed until the first weekend in May" sign, followed by a sign that said "Trespassers will be prosecuted." Great, we couldn't even get out and go up to it. Honestly it was a lot smaller than it looked in the movie. I was able to get some good pictures at least of the main Lodge from the road, but I really wanted to go down to the gazebo. Another disappointing thing, the lake was practically dry! There was hardly any water in it. I wasn't the pretty place I imagined but I would still like to go back one day.

Driving back down the mountain we stopped to take some pictures of the view, then we went in search of "The Cascades" which are supposedly some really awesome waterfalls. Were weren't anticipating a 3 mile hike to get to them. Since it was already 5 we decided to forgo the hike for the day and just take some pictures by the creek then head back.
We stopped for dinner back in Blacksburg and then got lost a couple times on the way back and made a quick detour at the Bedford Rhinos. Overall it was a good and productive day. Now if only I could get some homework done... :)

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