Friday, May 18, 2007

Some thoughts for the day

1. The people at Westboro "baptist" church are NUTS!
2. I wish it would get warmer.
3. I graduate from college tomorrow, heck yes!
4. Kyrgyzstan looks like a pretty country, I'll have to visit it one day,
5. I want the sun to come out.
6. Why did all the movies I want to see at the dollar theater wait to come out 'til today?
7. I have no idea how all my stuff is getting home. I have a feeling some of my bags are going to be overweight.
8. I can't believe that after tomorrow I won't be able to see my friends anymore. I know I'm going to bawl.
9. Why do Macs have to cost such a ridiculous amount of money?
10. I could really go for some boneless wings right now, I'm starving.

Ok, so now I'm off to grad rehearsal in the freezing cold. My family will get here in an hour or two. I can't wait to see them, especially Elaina :)

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