Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sweating buckets

It was hot again today, almost to hot for my liking, and humid. It reminded me of Burma, except not as bad, Burma has the worst humidity ever but I'll just get it out there, I HATE HUMIDITY!!! So yesterday I attended the last class of my undergraduate career! It's really over, I can't believe it. Today felt like a Saturday since there was nothing to do. It felt good to sleep in and get some stuff done. I can't believe that in a day or two I'm going to have to start packing all my stuff. Which reminds me, my family will be here in a week!!! I can't wait to see them, especially Elaina, she's gotten so big since I left.
Today the career center sponsored a "study break" in the courtyard, not that I was studying or anything, but it was pretty cool. They had free pizza, ice cream, drinks, brownies, and even a band playing. Somehow me, Alyssa, Lindsay and this boy (I forgot his name, how bad am I?) got sucked into a water balloon volleyball tournament which turned out to be quite fun. Now I know what your thinking, how do you play volleyball with a water balloon??? Well all four of us held onto 1 corner of a folded sheet and launched it over the net. There was four team in all and guess what....???? WE WON!!! Not that it's a big deal or anything, but it's still fun to win. Now what was the prize your asking??? 2 free pizzas each at this new pizza place opening up on wards road. Now we're just hoping that it opens up before graduation so we can go get our free pizzas.
Now I don't have any work or finals 'til Monday. Hopefully this weekend will be full of adventures. Ann's coming up from NC tomorrow and a big group of us are going out to dinner. Emily wants to hike up to the monogram so we might to that and I'm really itching to go the Panther Falls one last time before I leave for good.
I hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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