Monday, August 13, 2007

It's a beautiful day

Today is just a great day. The sun finally came back out and everything feels warm and inviting. I especially love mid day when the light is just perfect and it shines into my room making it feel so cozy.
It's also a great day because I FINALLY GOT MY DIPOLOMA! I'm so excited! I finally feel like a real graduate and now I can delete all those homework files off of my computer without worrying :)

I've also been scraping up a storm lately. I'm finally working on my SAS scrapbook. I think I put it off so long just because there is so much I have to do for it. I've also finally finished a few pages I started a while ago but have been stuck to my magnet board staring at me.

A lot's running through my head right now. I need to find a job but I'm looking at a possibility of going to asia for a year in the future so that means I would need a temporary one for now. Nothing's even close to definite yet though. Just need to figure a few things out.
Hope ya'll have a great monday!

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