Thursday, August 9, 2007

*A little catchup*

Yet another not rainy, but definitely unsummerlike day in Seattle. If only the sun would come out right?
So our trip to Canada went well, I'm definitely glad it's over though. If I had to spend one more hour in the car..... On the way up we drove through BC and then the canadian rockies to get to Edmonton. I called it the hotsprings tour because my dad made sure every night we were camping at or near a hotsprings. My favorite was Ainsworth Hotsprings in eastern BC. They had the typical hotsprings pool, but they also had a portion of the hotsprings inside a cave.
Then we spent 5 days up in Edmonton staying with my uncle on his farm (the cows hated me, they would always run away). Of course we went to the West Edmonton Mall (one of the biggest malls in the world) but everything in Canada is SOOOOOOO expensive right now since our dollars are about the same but thier prices haven't gone down. So.. only bought a hat from H&M (I love that store). Then the rest of the time in Edmonton we spent hanging out with my cousins. We went boating out on a lake one day and then to visit my families old homestead from 100 years ago which is miraculously still standing. My favorite part about being up there though was the nightly thunderstorms. One evening a storm came so close that it wasn't right overhead but we could see everything. I got a couple pictures of the lightening. I was so excited!
After we left Edmonton we headed south through Calgary to a place called "Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump." I sounded a lot more interesting than it really was. It was basically a palce where the blackfoot indians would drive buffalo off of a cliff to kill them. For there we drove down into Montana where we stayed at the west gate to Glacier National Park. We wanted to actually go into Glacier but a combination of truck troubles that set us back while we were at head smashed in, and raging forest fires that made everything smokey turned us away. We did stop at the Montana house of Mystery. I'm not quite sure how much I believe the vortex stuff, but at one point me and my dad were standing at 2 opposite ends on level groud (they proved the ground was flat by using a level) and at one end we were about the same height and at the other he was like 2 feet taller than me. It made no sense.
Our last day we spent in Cour de Alene with my cousin Andrea and her daughter Kyla. We ended up parking our trailer in her driveway because my dad (typical guy) didn't make reservations and there was an art festival in town that weekend so every campground in north idaho was filled up. So although we had planned on spending 2 nights in cour de alene, since we didn't have a site we drove later the next day to Ellensburg and camped there, but we did get to spend the day at the art festival which had some cool, but really expensive art.

I can honestly say nothing felt better than getting home and out of the traielr at the end of the trip. The trailer was just to small and I felt like I was in a constant mess.

On teusday I went to the pacific science center with Marybeth. We had wanted to go to the Couger Mtn. Zoo, but we got there and it was closed the everyone except birthdays. We were like, "closed on a tuesday?" So that's what took us to the science center where I han't been since I was like 15. It was definitely a place for kids. I felt older than almost everyone except the parents. It was completely worth it though just for the butterfly room. I got a lot of great pictures of them.

So today is my work day. I'm going to finish up organizing my room, editing pictures and doing some scrapbook pages, or a least hopefully :)
I hope ya'll have a great day!

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Sunshine said...

these are incredible pictures!!
hi! was just blog hopping through.. id love to go on a mission trip sometime!! and i miss Canada so MUCH! i was there for 4 glorious years.. short but SO much fun!!