Sunday, August 26, 2007

So, finally

Ok so I know I promised an update a couple nights ago but it just didn't happen. Maybe if my laptop still worked..... Anyway so today I had my graduation party. I know, I graduated 3 months ago but my parents are a little behind. I didn't even expect a party so it was nice to have one. All of the family came and some friends too. It was a great get together.
So last wed through friday I worked at my churches VBS. It was a crazy couple days but fun, especially when we went to NW trek on thursday. The kids loved the animals and I has some fun too.
I start work tommorow. I'm a little scared nervous and excited. At least I'll be getting a paycheck again.
Here are some pics from VBS and the party. I love the one of Nicole and Samantha. Sammy is SOOO cute! And the one of Elaina looking out the front door. She's my favorite. Oh and yes, that really is my grandpa playing basketball. I can't help but smile at that :)

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