Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just a quick moment....

to write while Elainas sleeping. Mom and EMily went back to school today so I got put on babysitting duty, hopefully tommorow she can go to daycare again. Anyway we went to westport out on the washington coast this last weekend to go camping. It was fun, pretty relaxed, I did a lot of reading. And it only rained one day, which is a good thing :) That day dad rented me a wetsuit and we went boogey boarding down at the Jetty (all of the surfboards were rented out). There were a lot of people there, even with the weather nasty, maybe because the nasty weather made good waves? ANyway, now my arms are killing me, they're so sore!
This weeks pretty chill. I worked yesterday and I work again on friday, but other than that, nothing. Today I have a long to-do list I'm going to tackle and tommorow I have a dentist appt. and hopefully will get to hang out with MB and Jen a bit. We'll see :) I hope everyones having a great week!

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