Monday, October 1, 2007

Yay for October!

I'm SOOOOOOO glad September is over. NO more weekends at Vinces! Not that it wasn't fun sometimes but I'm just glad to have my time back again and my camera memory back again :) I can take some fund pictures again :).
Speaking of fun I got some super cute rain boots yesterday. I'd been looking all over for a pair and I finally found these fun ones at fred meyers yesterday...

There was also a cute pink pair with brown horses on them, but they didn't have my size :( of course.

So I finally put my Harvest scent Yankee Candle tart in my tart burner and now my room officially smells like fall. Now it feels and looks like fall outside, it smells like fall in my room, now we only need some BIG pumpkins and the look will be complete.

Life has been so busy lately with Work and Vinces and trying to organize my mounds of junk (the the process of which I lost my jewelry and if I don't find it I'll be sad forever), but I still have done some creative things and scrapbooking. Now that we have color ink in our printer I can finally start scrapping SAS again too (the spring Voyage is in Vietnam right now, the same country I'm on in my scrapbook).
I painted this fun little picture frame the other day...

and I also made this scrapbook page with a picture from Myrtle Beach (I hate scrapping with 4x6's now but it just worked for this)..

This week is going to be another busy one. A staff meeting in Kirkland today and BSF tonight and then work in schools all over the place tues, wed, thurs. Hopefully Friday I'll be able to get some stuff done :)

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