Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A no good, very bad day

So.... I walked out to my car this morning. I had planned on going to the Magic office to get my paychecks and take in my time sheet and possibly my equipment. Well I went to the trunk where my lights and tripods were just to make sure I still had everything and my key wouldn't work in the lock, like the lock had been bent. So I went and pressed the button in the car to pop the trunk and I looked inside.... nothing was there. Just the chair that the kids sit on. So first I thought maybe Emily took the stuff out of the car so I looked in the garage and nothing was there so then I asked EMily if she took the stuff out and she said no. That's when I started freaking out. Someone stole my equipment and there was no way I could afford to replace it. I called the police and talked to them and now I just got off the phone with them to file a report. The worst part was calling my boss. Now I know I don't have a job anymore, I lost their stuff!
We're 99.9% sure it was stolen when Emily and Erin went downtown yesterday and parked under the viaduct because like idiots they parked by some creepy homeless people. So We just got back from downtown seeing if we could find the guilty party and we checked out a pawn shop or two but I have a feeling they were less than honest people working there.
So that was my very bad day (so far). Over $2000 in equipment got stolen and I am responsible for it. My stress level just went through the roof.
So if ya'll could prey that this works out and we either find the stuff or insurance covers it I would really appreciate it :)

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