Sunday, December 2, 2007

The wrap up

I have been trying to post this blog for a couple days now but something always gets in my way of doing that. So finally here it is!
Let me start off by updateing on my last blog. Well... there isn't really an update. It seems pretty apparent to me that the Seattle Police Dept couldn't care less and are in no hurry to help me out here. Right now I just have my fingers crossed that A) the stuff is found or B) insurance covers it.
So anyway here are some pictures from Erin, Emily and me playing nancy Drew downtown the other day.

We're fairly convinced that all the stuff could be hiding under this nice LARGE homeless person pile since they were parked right by it.

On a lighter note here's one of the nutcrackers downtown

Elaina started to walked this week. Now ahe'a toddeling around all over the house. I love it most when she stumbles over and hugs my legs. She's also turned into quite a little monkey. She likes to climb up on the gate we have blocking off the kitchen.

Yesterday it snowed here in seattle and people went crazy! Everyone was freaking out and seriously it wasn't that bad. It was all gone within a couple hours when it started to rain (typical Seattle). When we were decorating the church earlier in the day for Christmas (before it started to stick) I took Elaina outside to see the snow. She LOVED it :) She was giggeling and trying to grab the big clumps of snow falling from the sky. I can't wait 'til we can put her in a big fluffy snowsuit and let her play in some real snow. (Is it weird that I'm experiencing all these moments with her and my sister, who if you don't know is Elainas mother, is missing all of them? Sometimes she can be a real party pooper).

Like I said in a post a few days ago I've gotten relativly crafty in the last few weeks, partly inspired by the Red Velvet Art ornament swap. So I've made quite a few ornaments now which I've decided I'm going to attatch to Christmas presents. I also made gift tags and now I'm working on Christmas cards.... I'm getting there.

This first pic is of the ornaments I made for the SWAP (the colors are a little off because of lighting but oh well):

Other than ornaments I made this fun little felt clutch the other day. I just had a burst of insiration :) (sorry again for the off colors but you get the jist)

Here are a couple scrap page I did too. I finally finished with my SAS Burma pages and can start working on India as soon as our printer is up and running again. I'm so excited!

On top off all that I've been working on some projects on my amazing Mac. First a photobook from SAS (lol, I'm going to have so many copies of my pictures I won't know what to do with them when I'm like 40), and also a slideshow with pics and some of my videos from SAS (I had to use those memories somehow).

Finally I'll leave you with a picture of the nice new flannel sheets I got at Target on sale which are so warm and comfy I just want to go snuggle up in them :) I hope everyone has a great week!

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Holly said...

Hey there! Just wanted to say that I was the lucky recipient of one of your felt apple ornaments in the Red Velvet Art swap. Thanks so much - it is super cute!!! I'm glad you included your blog address as well so that I could check it out :)
- Holly