Thursday, December 13, 2007

On the first day of Christmas....

Life has been busy lately despite the fact that I'm still looking for a new job. It's raining and nasty outside right now. I went down to the church to help set up for the drive through nativity but got totally drenched.
Elaina not only walks now but runs which is totally adoreable. Except when she's running around my room trying to get into Christmas presents I've wrapped.
So I've been creative again lately with some new and different things. That combined with the fact that I don't have an income at the moment made me decide to open an Etsy store ( is a site where people can sell things they make, kinda like a craft fair or street fair but all the time). I'll let ya'll know when I open mine, hopefully soon. Right now I'm working on Christmas prestents so when I'm done with that I'll start working on things for the shop.

I have some pics too.... but they're not uplaoding so later I guess :)

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