Friday, December 28, 2007

Life is great

So I keep meaning to blog everytime I get online but then I talk myself out of it because I like to put pictures with my blogs and well I just didn't have them yet, well lucky you today I have lots of pictures to post :)
Christmas was great, probably my favorite christmas we've had in years it just felt really laid back and I got what I wanted and even had some suprises like the Vera Bradley Java Blue purse I've been Drooling over for a year and a half anf a Thailand Travel Guide (more eleaboration on a later post but it's potentially exciting :) ). Then there was also "Hairspray" which I have now watched 5 times since opening it, it just never gets old, Great movie :)
Yesterday was quite an adventure. I finally got to spend time with Jess and Chelsea. It's so hard to get together with them since they're both still in school. Hopefully we'll be able to get together to go up to Vancouver sometime next quarter. Anyway yesterday we took on Tacoma, and although it was raining and snowing we still had a great time. First we went to downtown Tacoma to see Union Station and Dale Chahuly's bridge of glass (If you don't know who he is check him out here, he's AMAZING!) It was picture heaven for me, but supposedly even better in the summer when the have glass balls floating in these massive pools next to the glass museum. Next we drove up the street to Staduim Highschool, which was the school set for "10 things I hate about you," which is only one of my favorite movies ever. It was so exciting to finally see the school in person. After skipping around the school we drove to the Point Defiance Zoo. I hadn't been there since I was like 8 so I was super excited to finally go there again. The only thing I remembered were the Beluga wales and absolutely loving them, so I couldn't wait to see them again, and they didn't dissappoint. The zoo has 2 beluga wales and they kept swimming around in circles. I actually felt kinda bad for them, It was not a huge tank. The Walrus' were totally fun too. They would swim up on their backs and rub up against the glass as we stood there watching. I was actually suprised as to how many animals were visible. The zoo did a good job when they designed it so that you can see most animals when they're playing inside or when they're outside. I loved seeing the tiger (even though there was that attack in SF on christmas). The only other time I've seen a tiger at the zoo was in Vietnam and the poor Tiger was in a cage reminicint of a circus cage like in Dumbo. These tigers had a little more freedom.
We ended the day by going to see "Sweeny Todd" (a welcomed escape from the rain/snow). I'll admit I had mixed feeling about seeing Sweeny Todd. On one hand I really love Johnny Depp, Helena Bonhem Carter and Tim Burton but on the other the title "Demon Barber of Fleet Street" didn't exactly give me smiles if you know what I mean. It was the first reason that ultimatly got me to see it and let me say I thought it was gross and depressing and I'll NEVER be able to eat a pie with meat in it again. I'll admit parts of it were good, but I wouldn't watch it again.... Then today I decided to try my luck at the movies again and went and saw "Attonement." What a sad movie, I liked it a lot, but it was sad. Oh and I'm totally stoked for "Mama Mia" which comes out this summer. I always wanted to see it on Broadway but never got the chance. It looks SO good!

I went to Ikea today, they were having thier twice a year sale. I Heart Ikea. I can't wait to have my own apartment so I can go buy stuff from Ikea :)

I forgot to mention it snowed on Chrsotams!!!!

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