Thursday, January 10, 2008


I started this post a few days ago but picture upload time was pathetic so here we go again.....

Life right now I must admit isn't to interesting, but there will be A LOT of pics in this post.
I have orientation on monday with the Highline School District for the substitute classified staff position. It's a good job for now. I'm just so happy to finally be able to work again.
It's been a little while since I've blogged so I must skip back a week to truely update. We went out to dinner at Red Robin, one of my restaurant favs, on Elainas birthday and just our luck Red Robin was there that night. Our waitress said babies normally cry, but not Laina, she was fascinated.

Then last sunday we had a bday party for Elaina. She LOVED all the attention and was SO cute. I can't wait until she's older so she can understand it more.

I went skiing up at Crystal Mtn. with my Dad on wednesday. They had like a foot and a half of snow the night before so it was amazing. The only thing that really gets me is my dad absolutely loves going through powder and I don't', I much rather go super fast down the groomed parts but my dad wouldn't stop bugging me about the powder, you have to go through it, so I did and hated it and told him, but then like half an hour later he's like "you've got to try the powder you'll love it." I think he's getting old..... oh and also he begged me to try the new Northway lift with him. I didn't really want to because all the runs are diamonds or double diamonds, and even though I'm capable of doing those runs I don't really like to because they are SOOOO much work, but I told him I'd try it once. We'll long story short we took a wrong turn and ended up in this double diamond mess of trees and knee deep powder. It took us an hour to get down and we never even made it to the lift, we caught a trail that took us all the way to the bottom. Overall it was a good snow day though, the best skiing I've had in a long time and the trees are just so pretty too, like a frosted wonderland.

I'll post some creative goodness soon, the pictures are having troubles uploading again. Hope ya'll have a good week!

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