Friday, January 18, 2008

Hitting 100

This is my 100th post on my blogger. I can't beleive it, it's been a year and a hundred posts already. I know there are people out there who blog way more than a hundred times in a year, but I'm happy with my count :) And hopefully I'll have something really cool to blog about really soon, fingers crossed :) Other than that here are some snips from my life lately.

- I subed for the first time today. It was a little awkward because I didn't know what to do and the kids had behavior and attention problems. I felt a little useless, but next time it WILL we better.
- I want to travel somewhere SOOO badly right now, but since I have a lack of funds I find myself glued to the SAS message boards on facebook answering questions for all those soon to be SASer's about to emabark on the journey I loved so dearly.
- I'm been scrapbooking A LOT lately and I ahve some pics I need to put up here of some layouts but alas they are on my macbook and my dad killed my USB drive so it will be a few more days. But I'm really excited to get going again. I've done 4 pages from India (so much for trying to finish my SAS scrapbooks before the fall 08 voyage got home, but I blame that patially on running out of color ink in my printer, twice). So that means only 4 1/2 countries left to go plus on ship stuff, but I think I'm going to try to condense those on only a few pages.
- It's a 3 day weekend, woohoo!!!!
-I've watched 3 seasons of ER while I was scrapbooking in the last week. It reminds me how much I LOVED that show and the 8th season come out on DVD on tuesday! I'm so excited! Season 8 was the last great season before it started going downhill after Dr. Green Died. Tears.
-I went to the Dollar Tree today and found so many amazing things, I LOVE that store. Like I was able to get 3 canvas' (small ones) for $2. I was buying the same thing at Joanns for lets just say, more :) And then I got letter stickers and the ever needed post it's. All for super cheap. When I get my own apartment I'm totally stocking up on tons of thing here (and also IKEA and ROSS :) )

Ok so I guess that's it for now. Now pictures this time, but if I cross my fingers and wish real hard do you think it might snow this weekend? That would present some great picture opps :)

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